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Our Story

Hi, my name is Michelle, and this is my daughter Lucie, the inspiration behind Le bibble baby bottle bib. I designed Le bibble as a solution for her notoriously messy bottle feeds! The milk would dribble from the cap, from her mouth, plain and simply causing our bottle feeding experiences to be messy, sticky and totally

UN-focused and UN-fun for mom and baby.

This was eight years ago, and after loads of trial and error, I believe we have come up with a solution that truly works! Long enough to fit under baby's chin on one end, and short enough so baby can still see and bond with mom on the other, with a perfectly positioned loop for baby to hold and touch during feeding, makes for a bottle experience as comforting and close to nature as can be. I hope you enjoy our NEW and IMRPOVED Le bibble® and that your bottle feeding time returns to what it ought to be: a meaningful bonding experience for mom and baby  -- stress-free!


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