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Introducing the


Le bibble® baby bottle bib

Dribble, meet Le bibble 2.0.


...the BIGGER and BETTER sister of the patented, mom-invented baby bottle bib that sops up leaks and dribbles, while keeping baby FOCUSED on feeding. Now designed in 2X its original size in true bib form, Le bibble is sure to catch every last dribble....leaving baby dry, happy and mess-free!!

  • one handed bottle feeding at its best!

  • machine washable, fits all bottles

  • 2-ply organic and designer cotton fabric

  • 2X larger bib for absorbing dribble!   

  • made in the USA mess, no stress! 

meet our celebibble babies!


Le bibble® Baby Bottle Bibs
Le swipe™ Organic Paperless Towels

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